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Tel. +49 (8022) 187797-0

Terms of Service

Terms of Service, Contract Fulfillment and Cancellation

The contract ( guest accommodation contract) comes about by binding booking ( oral, written, by fax, e-mail or telephone).  
The provider ( hotel) obligates itself to provide the contractual services. The guest is obligated to make use of the booked services, or, if necessary, to reinburse in case of non-use.

Cancellation or No-Show

Irrespective of the type of booking, there is no unrestricted general cancellation, cancellation ans/ orright of revocation with regard to the concluded accommodation contract.
Cancellation, termination and/or cancellation by the guest are only possible in legally permitted cases.
In the case of a cancellation or other non- justified claim of the booked service, the claim of the hotel remains: Payment of theagreed room rate ( total, including selected food ).
The hotel will do it`s best to ensure the best room available. If this does not succeed, or only In accordance with the recommendations of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association, for guest accomodation conditions and jurisprudence, we shall make the following deductions for the agreed room rate in the event of a cancellation or other non – occupational non – utilization, in particular in cases of cancellation:

Cancellation policy:

Reservations must be cancelled in written form.
In case the reservation is not called up following cancellationfees will be charged:
Untill 31 days before arrival date – free of charge
30 – 15 days before arrival date – 30 % cancellation fee
14 – 8 days before arrival date – 60% cancellation fee
2 days – 0 days before arrival date  - 100% canellation fee

For half- board/ conference package  - 30% deduction on the agreed room rate.
The guest reserves the right to provide the hotel with a higher savings of the expenses than stated.
Travel cancellation insurance is recommended.

Arrival and Departure Regulations

Unless otherwise agreed, the room is available on the day of arrival at 2 pm.
In the case of arrivals after 6 pm, the guest must notify the hotel before hand. If this is not the case, the hotel is  entitled to occupy the accommodation on the following day.
Unless agreed otherwise, the accommodation is to be vacated by 11:00 am on the day of departure.

Notice to the Guest

The guest has to report deficiencies in the accommondation or booked services immediately or to demand remedy.
A room may only be occupied with the agreed number of persons. An infringement may be at the right of the hotel on the basis of any further calculation or termination of the contract.

If the guest decides to bring an animal along – this has to be announced before hand.

Furnishings and equipment of the hotel complex are to be treated with care by the guest. Damage or gross contamination of the facility or equipment beyond normal wear and use: The guest is obligated to settle the replacement costs or the cost of cleaning.

We are a non – smoking hotel ! When the alarm is triggered, the polluter will bear the costs of the fire service!

Further provisions

Liability or acceptance by the hotel for the supervision obligation of minors is excluded.